Swiss Post currently uses 30 electrically powered delivery vans for parcel deliveries.

Parcels delivered by electric van

They are particularly suitable for large amounts of stopping and starting, easy to handle and relaxing to drive: the new electrically powered delivery vans from PostLogistics. But it’s not only the high level of driving comfort offered by electric vehicles that’s impressive – they are also quiet and very energy efficient. “Electromobility has an effectiveness rate of around 98 percent, while a combustion engine achieves only about 35 percent,” explains Thomas J. Ernst, Head of National Transport & Procurement. “We want to achieve fossil-free mobility in parcel delivery by 2030 if possible.” Swiss Post currently uses 30 electric vans for parcel delivery.

Expansion of the electric fleet planned

Swiss Post is planning to procure additional fossil-free delivery vans. By 2023, up to 400 vans with electric motors may be in use for parcel deliveries in the four largest cities in Switzerland. For all of its electrically powered vehicles, Swiss Post uses 100 percent green electricity from renewable sources within Switzerland.

Supporting further development

Swiss Post is the first major Swiss company to join the international “EV100” (Electric Vehicles) initiative. Alongside 39 other large companies, it is committed to making electromobility the norm by 2030. Swiss Post has also signed the “Electromobility Roadmap 2022”, which by 2022 aims to increase the share of newly registered passenger vehicles that run on electric power in Switzerland from the present rate of 3.2 percent to 15 percent.

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