We’re acting now for tomorrow

Swiss Post continues to focus on climate protection and is expanding its social commitment: with its 2017–2020 corporate responsibility strategy, Swiss Post is playing a pioneering role. The strategy focuses on the following five areas of action: responsible procurement, climate and energy, responsible employer, circular economy and corporate citizenship.

PortraitAnne Wolf Head of Corporate Responsibility

In order to make a proactive contribution to resolving environmental and social problems, Swiss Post’s corporate responsibility strategy for 2017–2020 defined the most important areas of action.

Responsible procurement

In terms of sustainability, Swiss Post wishes to become one of the leading procurement organizations in the postal industry. It is therefore committed to socially responsible working conditions and ecological compatibility by means of due diligence and supply chain control.

Climate and energy

For every consignment, every passenger carried, every transaction and every heated square metre, Swiss Post aims to increase CO2 efficiency by 25 percent by 2020 (base year 2010). It reached and exceeded this target ahead of schedule at the end of 2019, with an improvement of 27.6 percent. It focuses on energy efficiency measures and uses renewable energy sources wherever possible. For example, it obtains 100 percent of its electricity from renewable sources from Switzerland with a minimum certification of “naturemade basic” and promotes awareness of environmental issues among its employees. In the long term, Swiss Post intends to offer zero-emission services wherever possible.

Swiss Post has exceeded its CO2 efficiency target.

Responsible employer

Swiss Post supports its employees’ performance and physical and mental health in all phases of their lives – particularly as they grow older. To remain attractive as an employer and training company, it maintains a diverse, agile and innovative working environment.

Circular economy

With respect to the circular economy, Swiss Post plans to develop new strategic business areas and partnerships. Its services facilitate higher recycling rates for resources and, in turn, sustainable consumption in Switzerland. It is particularly committed to the recycling of selected reusable materials, repair and reuse and the encouragement of opportunities for sharing.

Corporate citizenship

Swiss Post provides resources for charitable, social and ecological purposes. Its commitment ranges from support for creative artists through to road safety education provided by PostBus volunteers.

Financial Report, pages 23–26  Sustainability Report

We’re acting now for tomorrow

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