PostFinance follows strict criteria

Is this company environmentally sound? Socially responsible? More and more private investors are buying shares in sustainable companies only. PostFinance also places great value on investing its customer deposits only in companies that adhere to ethical guidelines.

People who invest sustainably expect more from companies: careful management of the environment, respect for the common good and fair business practices. So how do you find such companies? Numerous providers publish so-called ESG ratings, which provide guidance for this. They evaluate companies on the basis of environmental, social and governance-related factors. Those who want it easier can invest in PostFinance’s sustainable funds from various regions and asset classes – and make a positive contribution without having to curb their prospects of making a return.

When it invests its customers’ deposits, PostFinance always ensures that it does not include companies that directly or indirectly support unethical business practices or harm the environment. Its investments are based on the criteria of the Norwegian sovereign wealth fund. “In terms of its ethical guidelines, we see this, the biggest state-owned fund in the world, as a role model,” explains Marc Bonfils, Head of Treasury at PostFinance. But PostFinance also goes one step further: there are currently no companies in the oil and gas sector on the Norwegian sovereign wealth fund’s exclusion list. “For this sector, PostFinance therefore also takes into account the ratings of the independent agency ISS ESG and excludes the most environmentally damaging companies from its investment strategy,” explains Marc Bonfils. “Given this, we believe that PostFinance’s investment criteria may properly be described as strictly sustainable.”

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Find mortgages with Valuu

At or in the Valuu app, users can compare mortgages from different providers. The mortgage brokerage platform also allows users to complete all steps easily online, including conclusion of the contract, regardless of whether the mortgage is a new one or one being paid off.

As an independent platform, Valuu does not broker PostFinance mortgages.