Digital advertising logistics for cross-media solutions

Swiss Post is modernizing and expanding its solutions in the domestic advertising logistics market, as digitization is having a major impact on the media and advertising market. Without appropriate development of digital services and advancing into upstream and downstream business areas, Swiss Post will fall behind in this market.

million francs in
direct advertising
million francs in
outdoor advertising

In July, Swiss Post acquired Livesystems to ensure that it can also provide its customers with this cross-media digital advertising logistics solution. The company is the leading provider of digital advertising space on public transport and a pioneer in the display of real-time digital outdoor advertising in Switzerland. “Expanding Swiss Post’s cross-media expertise is an important step in tailoring our services to customer requirements, and hence in gaining market share in the physical and digital advertising markets,” says Oliver Egger, Head of Advertising & Media Market at Swiss Post. “By acquiring Livesystems, we are complementing physical direct marketing with a very high-reach, in-demand mass medium: digital outdoor advertising.”

In addition to letter mail, Swiss Post also delivers newspapers and addressed and unaddressed advertising. Livesystems distributes advertising via digital posters and screens, including in trains, in buses and at petrol stations, in shops and city centers, and also in Swiss Post branches. The company was founded in 2007 and currently has more than 8,000 advertising screens at busy locations.