Electric Postbuses for Graubünden

In Valposchiavo, an electric Postbus has been in service as a school bus since spring 2019. The challenges involved in this pilot project are significant, because the electric buses currently on the market are more suited to less elevated areas. In particular, the question of when, where and how the batteries are charged needs to be resolved, to ensure that PostBus can get schoolchildren in the valley to school on time.

Promoting electromobility in Graubünden

The school bus is a pilot project run by PostBus and Graubünden energy service provider Repower. Together, the partners are looking to invest in a future of clean public transport and promote electromobility in the canton. In the anniversary year of PostBus’s presence in Graubünden, they signed a letter of intent to this effect. PostBus aims to serve at least one route in Graubünden exclusively with electric vehicles, with Repower providing the charging infrastructure and renewable energy required.

“To begin with, the electric Postbuses will operate in the area between Chur and Bad Ragaz,” explains Christian Plüss, Head of PostBus. “If all goes well, we will start operating electric Postbuses in the first half of 2021 – an important step towards a sustainable future for public transport in Graubünden.”

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