Paint the future yellow!

A shortage of specialists, upcoming waves of retirement and digitization – all of these issues present challenges for Swiss Post as an employer. To attract new talent and retain specialists, it revised its employer value proposition and launched a new image for the internal and external labour market at the end of 2021.

“Swiss Post is close to the people,” says Tabea Riesen, Head of Employer Branding at Swiss Post. “We work on issues that are key to Switzerland’s future, which means that we play a special role in society.” To ensure that Swiss Post as an employer can provide its unique range of careers and opportunities, it must position itself adeptly on the fiercely contested labour market. This positioning was enhanced based on the corporate strategy – the employer value proposition was redefined, and a modern and unmistakeable employer brand with the claim “Paint the future yellow” was created. Tabea Riesen sums up the initiative: “The new identity allows us to address the various employer themes specifically and by focusing on particular target groups.”

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13th place 
was Swiss Post’s position in the 2021 Universum study on the most popular companies in Switzerland amongst IT professionals.
applications are received by Swiss Post each year via its various channels (excluding apprenticeships, PostFinance jobs and temporary positions).
years is the time employees spend at Swiss Post on average.

Initiatives for job fitness

The rapid change in the working environment does not just mean new requirements in terms of positioning on the labour market. It also call for employees to display a high degree of flexibility. Swiss Post wishes to promote this through measures such as the “Professionally Fit” initiative, which was set up in cooperation with the social partners syndicom and transfair. “We all need to reflect regularly on our career situation, adapt and develop,” says Bettina Pürro, Joint Head of “Professionally Fit”. The key element of the initiative remains the “Professionally Fit – where do I stand?” workshop, which addresses personal interests and strengths, the role of personal networks and labour market requirements. “Our employees are showing great interest in it,” adds Bettina Pürro. To raise the profile of “Professionally Fit” and ensure it is understood, vision ambassadors are raising awareness amongst colleagues and, during one-to-one discussions, encouraging them to engage with the topic and take advantage of the opportunity.

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