Sustainable vehicle fleet concepts

Since 2021, Post Company Cars as a full-service fleet manager has been managing the electrified vehicle fleet of the Office for Debt Collection and Bankruptcy (ABK) in the Canton of Thurgau. “As a canton, we have set ourselves high climate policy goals, and we want to play a leading role in implementing e-mobility throughout Switzerland,” says Roger Wiesendanger, Head of the Office for Debt Collection and Bankruptcy (ABK) in the Canton of Thurgau. Advised and supported by Post Company Cars, the office therefore procured a fully electrified fleet of vehicles in June 2021: six Renault Kangoo Z.E. cars. As a full-service fleet manager, Post Company Cars takes care of everything else – from maintenance to charging solutions.

We support Swiss Post and business customers with the design and implementation of e-mobility.

Nigel Storny Managing Director Post Company Cars Ltd

Prior to the change, AKB employees used private vehicles or car-sharing services when out on the road. However, demographic changes in the workforce, new parking and travel expense regimes and more mobile ways of working would have triggered a new approach. “In addition to being emission-free and offering good value for money, the spaciousness of the vehicle was also a decisive factor for us,” says Roger Wiesendanger. After all, the Kangoos are being fitted out as a mobile workplace to allow employees to work flexibly in their cars.

Contribution to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

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