Yuh – pay, save, invest all in a single app

Many young adults have little interest in traditional banking products. Impressive digital financial solutions are required. Swissquote and PostFinance have developed a digital banking app called Yuh, which meets the needs of a new generation.

At vocational college, everyone is talking about buying some bitcoin soon. Christina is putting her money where her mouth is and investing a small amount of her apprentice salary each month in three different cryptocurrencies. The 19-year-old initially had no interest at all in financial matters. She was simply looking for a bank account without management fees, and her research led her to Yuh. She opened her account without any paperwork via the app and got far more than she was looking for: a simple financial solution that can do almost everything.

Yuh gives people the freedom to manage their money as they wish.

Markus Schwab CEO, Yuh

Via the Yuh App, Christina can transfer money and save up for a particular goal, but she can also buy cryptocurrencies, equities and funds. Or she can invest in thematic growth portfolios based on her personal preferences. But most importantly, Christina can keep track of everything at all times: how are her finances looking? What has she spent, and when? How close is she to her savings target?

The no-fees multicurrency account also includes a free Mastercard debit card, which Christina can use to pay in 13 currencies. Whenever she uses the card or executes trades, she receives bonuses in the cryptocurrency Swissqoin. Yuh is investing some of its own revenue in this cryptocurrency, which means that its value can only rise in future. That’s why Christina is holding on to the Swissqoin she has received. But it can be exchanged for cash at any time or, for example, sent to friends who also use Yuh.

A joint venture between two experienced banks

Yuh is a joint product from Swissquote and PostFinance and was developed from scratch as a digital financial solution. The aim is to make life easier for people and to combine the key financial instruments in one innovative app. Yuh got off to an extremely promising start. By the end of 2021 – just under eight months after its launch – the app already had 42,000 Yuhsers.