My Post 24 terminals

New generation of parcel terminals

Send or receive parcels yourself whenever you want: thanks to the yellow My Post 24 terminals, you can do just that. Terminal generation 2.0 is simpler and less expensive, enabling further consolidation of the network.

Receiving and sending parcels and letters via My Post 24 terminals is becoming more and more popular with customers: in 2022, almost 2 million items were posted and 1 million items collected at the 225 My Post 24 locations. Before the coronavirus pandemic, the figures were around 450,000  items posted and around 700,000  collected. Now, Swiss Post is developing terminal generation 2.0, which has an innovative approach to operation via smartphone that also enables barrier-free access for visually impaired users. The new terminals work without a great deal of technology and without a display, which makes their purchase and maintenance more sustainable and less expensive. Swiss Post is planning to bring the new parcel terminals to numerous additional locations, including a greater number in residential areas. Installation of the new generation began at the end of September. The existing My Post 24 terminals remain in place and can be used in the future via display and smartphone.

parcels reach customers via My Post 24 terminals every day