Information security 

Strong competencies in cybersecurity

Digital business models, such as those being established by Swiss Post, must be trustworthy. In the effort to ensure that Swiss Post’s customers can have confidence in its digital services and in its secure handling of data, cybersecurity has become a critical success factor.

One careless click on a link – and the damage can be enormous. Cybercriminals strike at the time and place where they believe their victim is poorly protected. As the digitization process continues, Swiss SMEs are also increasingly confronted with attacks and attempts at online blackmail.

For many years now, Swiss Post has been investing heavily in a high level of cybersecurity – for example, it broke new ground three years ago with the establishment of a comprehensive bug bounty programme. By acquiring a majority stake in Hacknowledge SA, based in Morges (Canton of Vaud), Swiss Post is expanding its strong competencies in cybersecurity, securing additional expertise with a view to minimizing risks in its own digital services. “We want to ensure that our customers, subsidiaries and partners can identify and respond to cyberthreats at an early stage,” explains Daniel Gerber, Head of Digital Enabling & Unit Development at Swiss Post. Swiss Post wants to carry over and further strengthen the trust it enjoys among Swiss people and companies in the analogue world to the digital world. It is therefore investing a great deal in the security and trustworthiness of information and data.

We want to ensure that our customers and partners can identify and respond to cyberthreats at an early stage.

Daniel GerberHead of Digital Enabling & Unit Development

Hacknowledge operates independently as a subsidiary of Swiss Post. The company supports authorities, SMEs and Swiss Post partner companies and subsidiaries with simple and efficient solutions, allowing them to monitor their own IT activities, identify threats, report incidents and respond to breaches.

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