Three questions for Urs Schwaller

Is a bouquet of flowers as a thank-you gesture acceptable? And a laptop? Or a car? The Chairman of the Board of Directors explains why Swiss Post needs a Code of Conduct.

PortraitUrs SchwallerChairman of the Board of Directors

Why is a Code of Conduct required?

Swiss Post enjoys a high level of trust among the Swiss public. The key to this is our conduct. With the Code of Conduct, we want to raise awareness of applicable legal provisions and company guidelines among employees at all levels and bind them to ethical behaviour.

What do you expect from the Code of Conduct?

The points explicitly set out in the Code are binding for Swiss Post employees. It is important to me that all employees are familiar with the Code of Conduct and that we are all there for each other, supporting each other in making the right decisions at all times, even in difficult situations.

If the Code of Conduct were shortened to a single sentence, what would it be?

Abide by the applicable laws and company regulations and treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.

We’re acting now for tomorrow