KLARA makes office work easy

KLARA Business Ltd automates and simplifies administrative processes with digital assistants. In September 2020, Swiss Post acquired a majority stake in this innovative Lucerne-based company. Together, the two companies are now getting SMEs and private customers into shape for the digital age.

KLARA’s digital assistants save SMEs and private customers time, effort and bureaucracy: they manage salary payments, take care of the bookkeeping and make sure you can be found on the Internet. This benefits the smallest SMEs in particular: how convenient to book an appointment with a hairdresser online and get an SMS reminder. Or for a company in the hospitality sector to keep a constant eye on its online reviews, or launch promotional campaigns. Or for trade businesses to create quotations and reports with KLARA.

“The digital transformation affects thousands of SMEs. With KLARA, administrative processes are automated and all areas of the company are linked on a uniform data basis,” says Renato Stalder, CEO of KLARA Business Ltd. As a result of the collaboration, SMEs can now also benefit from E-Post services such as sending, receiving, processing and storing documents.

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