Video: Urs Schwaller and Roberto Cirillo discuss the current situation and future at Swiss Post

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Swiss Post faced major challenges in 2020. Thanks to the exceptional commitment of all employees, Swiss Post was able to maintain its public service, develop its strategy for the coming years and present it to the public. Chairman of the Board of Directors Urs Schwaller and CEO Roberto Cirillo answer key questions.

A dynamic country needs an equally dynamic postal service

Swiss Post has been powering the modernization of Switzerland for over 170 years. As a company owned entirely by the Swiss Confederation, Swiss Post represents the strongest Swiss values – above all, in how it acts.

Swiss Post considers itself a public service provider, very much in tune with the public and business.

The needs and day-to-day life of people and companies in Switzerland are changing. Swiss Post will continue to meet these new needs, regardless of whether they are physical or digital. That’s why the company is evolving – just as it always has. It adopts an entrepreneurial approach in its daily operations and is highly innovative. And it funds its services and investments in the future from its own resources.

Swiss Post’s traditional business models, based on letters, parcels, finance and mobility, have been undergoing radical transformation for years. As a result, the Group’s financial strength is declining due to falling revenue, and there is a lack of funding for the investments required over the medium term.

This casts doubt on the company’s ability to finance the universal service from its own resources in the medium term. That’s why Swiss Post must act.

Swiss Post intends to build on and develop its traditional core competencies in logistics and confidential information transfer, while also focusing on future-oriented areas. Swiss Post always acts fairly and in Switzerland’s best interests. It works for our nation – now and in the future.

Swiss Post adopts an exemplary approach towards people and the environment. In this way, it plays a significant role in ensuring that Switzerland remains modern, competitive and open, while also nurturing the common good of the country and its public. It also wishes to be the world’s best postal organization – for the next generation, and for Switzerland.