Investing money – even for smaller assets

Putting money aside – as a reserve or for a major purchase – can certainly make sense. Given the low interest rates, however, savings accounts are no longer attractive. In 2020, PostFinance presented four investment options that average earners can use to get more out of their assets in the long term, starting from as little as 2,000 francs. And at comparably low cost: the investments are primarily managed digitally, using e-finance.

“Customers can use the new solutions to invest in PostFinance Fonds, selected third-party funds or exchange-traded funds,” says Daniel Mewes, Head of Investment Solutions. The solutions differ mainly in the level of support offered: for e-asset management, PostFinance manages the investment portfolio on behalf of customers, while self-service funds are man- aged by customers themselves, without individual advice. People who want to invest their assets themselves but do not want forgo expert advice can avail themselves of the “Fund consulting basic” or “Investment consulting plus” services. “This means we can offer a suitable investment solution for everyone – regardless of how much time they have for investment and how much experience they have with securities,” says Daniel Mewes.

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