Bringing the principle of mail secrecy to the digital world

The everyday lives of people and companies are becoming increasingly digital. Swiss Post wants to play a key role in shaping this trend and expand its role as a company powering a digital and connected Switzerland.

“We facilitate intuitive digital interaction for people, companies and public authorities, as well as simple and secure handling of their data.” This is how Nicole Burth describes the vision of the new Communication Services unit, which she has headed since the beginning of 2021. To achieve this vision, Swiss Post wants to develop straightforward digital solutions that require no instructions for use – but are nevertheless secure. “After all, transporting sensitive data confidentially and securely from A to B is part of Swiss Post’s DNA,” says Nicole Burth. ”Everything we have been proving with mail secrecy for 170 years, we now want to bring to the digital age, building on our traditional strengths and competencies.”

We want to make today’s mostly physical public service fit for the future and digitize it.

Nicole BurthHead of Communication Services

Strategic development of new growth areas

Swiss Post wants to develop so-called digital ecosystems, in which people, SMEs, public authorities and the healthcare sector can easily connect, obtain services and interact with one other. This is part of Swiss Post’s new strategy to carry its core business into the digital future. Inorganic growth is also part of the plan: through company acquisitions, Swiss Post wants to tap into new growth areas while expanding the expertise available within the company. “We are not looking for growth at any price, however – we want to grow selectively, and specifically where we believe there is added value for our customers,” explains Nicole Burth. “No matter what we do, our commitment to the public service and the future needs of the Swiss people and our economy are always at the center of our planning and implementation.”

Contribution to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

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