Solid steps towards advancing digitization in healthcare

Since the end of 2021, the electronic patient record (EPR) has been available in 13 cantons. Again, this is thanks to Swiss Post, whose E-Health platform serves as the “engine” for the EPR providers. The roll-out of the system to all five core communities is a milestone – and proof that Swiss Post is making an important contribution to the digitization of the Swiss healthcare sector.

With the electronic patient record (EPR), citizens can digitize their personal healthcare data, view it anytime and anywhere, and grant access to specialists and institutions. In its pioneering role, Swiss Post has been driving the development of the EPR for ten years now and has been providing a certifiable EPR infrastructure since the end of 2020. “Transporting sensitive data confidentially and securely is part of Swiss Post’s DNA,” says Nicole Burth, Head of Communication Services. “As a system provider of the EPR infrastructure, we are bringing this expertise to the digital age and making an important contribution to the digital networking of all stakeholders in the healthcare system.” As early as 2013, Swiss Post launched “Mon Dossier Médical”, Switzerland’s first EPR, in the Canton of Geneva. Since the Federal Assembly’s decision in 2015 to introduce the electronic patient record throughout Switzerland, Swiss Post in its role as a system provider has been actively involved in shaping the relevant federal legislation.

Easy access to the EPR at selected post offices

As a provider of secure digital solutions, Swiss Post makes its E-Health platform available to the EPR providers, the so-called core communities. The core communities can use this infrastructure to obtain certification and provide the general public with access to the EPR. Swiss Post’s platform has been put through its paces in accordance with Swiss law. It is used by eHealth Aargau, eSANITA, Mon Dossier Santé, e-Health Ticino and CARA. But Swiss Post also offers the general public easy access to the EPR: in the Canton of Aargau and in south-east Switzerland in the Cantons of Graubünden, Glarus, Appenzell Innerrhoden and Appenzell Ausserrhoden and in the St. Gallen Rhine Valley, the EPR can be opened at Swiss Post branches. At present, 24 branches are certified for the opening of the EPR.

Through the EPR infrastructure, we are making an important contribution to digital networking in the healthcare sector.

Nicole BurthHead of Communication Services

Cuore – the Swiss health platform

In addition to the EPR infrastructure, Swiss Post has also invested in development of the Swiss health platform Cuore: this is a secure digital platform open to healthcare professionals, health insurers, medtech companies, system providers, logistics providers and patients. The platform is expected to grow into an ecosystem for the whole of Switzerland: “Through Cuore, we want to connect all stakeholders in the healthcare sector to enable them to work hand in hand – in both the physical and digital worlds,” says Head of Communication Services Nicole Burth, explaining the goal of Cuore. The launch is planned for 2022.

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