Swiss Post connects the healthcare system

Swiss Post works to develop digital solutions for an advanced healthcare system. It offers Switzerland’s core communities an electronic patient record and is developing “Cuore – the Swiss health platform”.

The X-ray results are in a ring binder, the vaccination record is in a box, and where’s that prescription for the pharmacy again? To allow access to all health information anytime and anywhere, Swiss Post operates an electronic patient record (EPR). And the company is ideally qualified for the task: Swiss Post’s hallmark is the secure and trustworthy transport of information, and it is using this expertise to create a networked healthcare system. At the end of 2020, the electronic patient record went online in a “family & friends” phase within the eHealth Aargau core community, followed by large parts of Eastern Switzerland through the association eSANITA. The other core communities will see its introduction soon. “For us, the introduction of the EPR is a strategic highlight that we’ve been working very hard to achieve,” says Martin Fuchs, Head of Digital Health. “We are establishing ourselves as a trustworthy provider of digital data in the healthcare sector and contributing to its digitization.”

Sign up for an electronic patient record at Swiss Post branches

Swiss Post’s branches are playing an important role in the introduction of the EPR: they act as an sign-up point alongside hospitals, pharmacies and public authorities. In the cantons of Aargau and Graubünden, people can sign up for an EPR at their local branches from April 2021. The service will gradually be expanded to the whole of Switzerland.

“Cuore – the Swiss health platform” connects stakeholders

As a trustworthy provider of data logistics, Swiss Post wants to connect everyone involved in the healthcare sector efficiently and is expanding its platform into a competition-neutral digital ecosystem for all stakeholders. “Cuore – the Swiss healthcare platform” brings together specialists, health insurers, medtech companies, system providers, logistics companies and patients, and it covers the entire treatment path – the initial consultation with a family doctor, an operation in a hospital, rehabilitation with a physiotherapist and medication at the pharmacy. Thanks to their connection to Cuore, logistics companies can provide the required material, such as medication or prostheses, on demand. A network of this kind enables all stakeholders to create benefits together – for the good of their patients.

Swiss Post operates bug bounty programme

To improve the security of its digital products, Swiss Post is one of the first Swiss companies to operate a Group-wide bug bounty programme. As part of the programme, ethical hackers look for security vulnerabilities in online services and receive a reward for doing so. Through participatory collaboration with Swiss Post staff, information security is updated and “digital trust” is established. “This method is efficient and creative, and it is the ideal supplement to our existing security tests,” explains Marcel Zumbühl, Chief Information Security Officer. “Security is an ongoing, participatory process that Swiss Post is continuing to develop with committed people from inside and outside the company.”

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