Market strategy, milestones and outlook

Market strategy

By pursuing its “SpeedUp” strategy, PostFinance is transforming itself into a diversified, innovation- driven financial service provider, focusing even more consistently on customer needs. Its core business has been divided into four business areas since March 2021.

In Payment Solutions, PostFinance is the leading reliable partner for payment and billing solutions for retailers and invoice issuers in Switzerland. In Retail Banking, PostFinance provides its private and business customers with proven solutions and advice on the smartest way to manage money – both physically and digitally. In Digital First Banking, it has launched Yuh, a brand new service for “Banking & Beyond” geared entirely to the digital world, and is continually updating this solution. In Platform Business, PostFinance aims to establish the leading independent Swiss comparison and sign-up platform for financing, insurance and retirement planning.

2021 milestones

For further milestones, see

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Outlook for 2022+