Market strategy, milestones and outlook

Market strategy

Swiss Post’s physical presence in all regions of Switzerland reflects our view of a nationwide universal service. Swiss Post is continuing to expand its network, which currently totals more than 4,800 access points, with innovations such as terminals and services at home. Swiss Post is investing some 40 million francs in modernizing over 300 self-operated branches. It is also strengthening the quality of its branches with partners through local support from Swiss Post staff, training for partner staff and customer-friendly infrastructure. In addition, the network is being stabilized at around 800 self-operated branches.

Swiss Post is now opening its premises to large service providers and public authorities, enabling them to remain close to their customers. By taking this step, Swiss Post is establishing new service centers in all regions of Switzerland, with products and services that are relevant to everyday life.

2021 milestones

Outlook for 2022+