High scores for Swiss Post

Here you will find results on the delivery quality of letters and parcels, customer satisfaction, the employee survey and the reduction of CO₂ emissions.

A Mail letters delivered on time
Priority parcels delivered on time
Index (scale 0–100) “I see the purpose of my work”
Index (scale 0–100) “I’m very satisfied with Swiss Post overall”
of Swiss Post’s own real estate premises are heated with renewable energies.

Parcels and letters delivered reliably and on time

97.0 percent of A Mail letters and 99.3 percent of B Mail letters arrived on time in 2021. The target of 97.0 percent was achieved, and indeed exceeded for B Mail.

For parcels, 95 percent of PostPac Priority and 95.9 percent of PostPac Economy consignments arrived on time. The target of 95.0 percent was achieved, and exceeded for Economy consignments.

Unlike letters, the delivery times for parcels were measured only from March to October 2021. Because the other four months were severely affected by the pandemic, they were excluded from the measurement after approval by PostCom. Despite difficult conditions and a record volume of parcels, Swiss Post staff delivered parcels and letters reliably and on time.

Customers impressed by the quality of service

The majority of customers are very satisfied with Swiss Post: the figure for overall satisfaction in 2021 is 81 points (on a scale of 0 to 100 points). The figure remains stable compared to the previous year. And it shows that Swiss Post and its services continue to impress – despite the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic and rising parcel volumes. The approximately 12,500 private and business customers surveyed give their “Customer experience” (CEM index) a score of 80 points (previous year: 79 points).  This index comprises the following aspects: simplicity, agility and reliability.

Employees see the purpose of their work

The results of the 2021 employee survey for the Group are stable at a very high level, with a slight tendency towards improvement compared to 2020. This is despite the ongoing challenges posed by the pandemic and changes resulting from the new strategy. The questions on “My team” (81 out of 100 points), “My direct manager” (84 points) and “My commitment” (79 points) receive particularly high scores. 88 percent of participants see a professional future for themselves at Swiss Post. All in all, 31,663 employees took part in the survey, representing a response rate of over 73 percent. 

Climate: Swiss Post is reducing its CO2 emissions

Swiss Post aims to cut CO2 emissions from its own operations by 46 percent between 2019 and 2030, and also to reduce CO2 emissions in its value chain. From 2040, the aim is for the entire company to be carbon neutral, which means that Swiss Post will remove the emissions remaining in 2040 from the atmosphere by supporting climate projects. This ambitious target is in line with the United Nations’ goal of limiting global warming to a maximum of 1.5 degrees Celsius. Of the approximately 14,900 vehicles in use, around half are already powered by alternative drive technologies.  In its buildings, Swiss Post heats 56.3 percent of its premises without fossil fuels. It operates 27 photovoltaic systems on roofs, producing 10.3 gigawatt hours of solar electricity each year. 100 percent of electricity requirements are covered by renewable sources from Switzerland. Swiss Post calculates its greenhouse gas emissions across the Group each year and implements improvement measures consistently.

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