Stabilizing the network – and offering more access points

Swiss Post currently has around 800 self-operated branches at busy locations, where it handles more than 320,000 customer contacts per day.  Swiss Post also aims to offer customers the best possible universal service at their front door, on the move and digitally, and is therefore increasing the number of access points.

Although digitization means that fewer and fewer postal transactions are being carried out at the counter, Swiss Post still wants to be right there for its customers. “Physical locations remain essential for us,” says Thomas Baur, Head of PostalNetwork. That is why Swiss Post has invested around 40 million francs in the modernization of some 300 branches since 2019 and is improving the quality of branches with partners, where customers can carry out postal transactions in village shops or at petrol stations, which are open from 6 in the morning until 10 in the evening.

We are adapting our network to the requirements of our customers.

Thomas Baur Head of PostalNetwork

By 2024, Swiss Post plans to stabilize the network at around 800 self-operated branches and increase the number of access points from 4,800 to over 5,000, including additional acceptance and collection points in retail outlets, My Post 24 terminals and business customer points. “These solutions are in line with customers’ preference for more flexible opening times,” says Thomas Baur. Thanks to its services in home delivery service areas, Swiss Post is also meeting the needs of older people in particular, who wish to conduct their postal transactions at their front door. And they don’t even need an Internet connection to do so.

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