Healthcare logistics 

Medical materials straight to the operating theatre

Procurement and storage of medical materials, processing and delivery of orders, and collection, cleaning and sterilization of used surgical instruments: Swiss Post offers hospitals, clinics and outpatient clinics a comprehensive range of services in healthcare logistics. In 2022, it expanded these services in French-speaking Switzerland.

Everything is ready in the operating theatre at the GZO hospital in Wetzikon: scalpels, scissors and forceps, swabs, compresses and sterile cloths. The medical materials needed for the upcoming operation are delivered in so-called case carts by Steriplus, a Swiss Post subsidiary. In April, Steriplus started operation of a new preparation unit for medical products in Kaltbrunn (Canton of St. Gallen). The unit not only picks the instruments and consumables required, it also cleans, disinfects, checks, packages and sterilizes the surgical instruments for hospitals, clinics and outpatient clinics after collection.

Through its solutions for healthcare logistics, Swiss Post aims to contribute to improving efficiency and curbing costs in the healthcare sector. In this effort, the Medical Service Center at the Villmergen (Canton of Aargau) logistics center is an important hub. To reduce distances in French-speaking Switzerland, Swiss Post acquired MW Partners Holding SA in the Canton of Vaud, which offers comprehensive logistics services for the medical sector.

Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals

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