Non-financial results 

High scores for Swiss Post

Letters, parcels and newspapers delivered on time

The results of the 2022 measurement of delivery times show how reliably Swiss Post performed in terms of the delivery of letters and parcels: 97.2 percent of A Mail letters arrived in recipients’ letter boxes on time (previous year: 97.0 percent), while the figure for B Mail letters was 99.3 percent (previous year: 99.3 percent). Swiss Post delivered 95.7 percent of Priority parcels to households on time (previous year: 95.0 percent), with Economy parcels at 96.9 percent (previous year: 95.9 percent). The quality targets stipulated in postal legislation are 97 percent for letters and 95 percent for parcels.

At 98.8 percent, Swiss Post’s newspaper deliveries in 2022 were also on time, clearly exceeding the quality target of 95 percent. The measurement conducted was of delivery of newspapers in areas without early-morning delivery with a delivery deadline of 12:30 p.m. This measurement was a first.

In 2022, the measurement of parcel delivery times was again conducted over a period of 12 months. As a result of the pandemic, PostCom had limited the measurement period in 2021 to eight months.

A Mail letters delivered on time
Priority parcels delivered on time
“I see the purpose of my work”
(scale 0–100)
“I’m very satisfied with Swiss Post overall”
(scale 0–100)
of vehicles used in delivery with alternative drive systems

Customer satisfaction: Swiss Post’s services meet customer requirements

Customers were once again satisfied with Swiss Post’s services in 2022. It continues to successfully align its services with customer requirements. Survey participants gave Swiss Post an overall score of 76 points (overall satisfaction). 2022 is a baseline measurement for customer satisfaction: the results reflect the new organizational structure based on the “Swiss Post of tomorrow” strategy. Customers gave the services in the communication and logistics business area (Logistics Services, Communication Services and PostalNetwork Group units) a score of 74 points. Within this business area, major customers are the most satisfied at 77 points. Overall satisfaction in the financial services business area (PostFinance) received 78 points. Private customers gave the highest score in this category, at 79 points. In the passenger transport business area (PostBus), private customers are very satisfied with the services. Overall satisfaction stands at 80 points.

Employee satisfaction: employees are satisfied with Swiss Post

The employee survey conducted annually indicates that employees are very satisfied with Swiss Post as an employer. “My direct manager” and “My team” once again received particularly good scores, at 83 and 80 points respectively. The result shows that employees increasingly perceive Swiss Post as an attractive employer and their commitment is growing. The “My work” index remained unchanged compared with 2021, at 77 points. Employees now assessed how they view the future of their job at Swiss Post. While the theme received the lowest score at Group level compared with the other themes surveyed at 74 points, its score is still positive. The two strategic thematic areas concerning the Swiss Post of tomorrow, “Our Swiss Post” at 77 points and “Our corporate culture” at 77 points, improved their score by one point compared with the previous year. This means that employees have even more faith in the Group strategy.

Climate and energy: greenhouse gas emissions rose only slightly compared with 2021

There was just a minimal rise in greenhouse gas emissions in 2022, with an increase of 0.6 percent compared with the previous year. This development was influenced by two opposing factors: first, the increase in kilometres travelled in third-party customer business at Post Company Cars compared with the pandemic year led to a rise in greenhouse gas emissions in 2022; but secondly, there was a decline in CO2 emissions due to fewer heating degree days in heat generation. The measures to increase the energy reference area heated without fossil fuels and to electrify Swiss Post’s own delivery and business vehicle fleets remain on track and are counteracting the rise.

All relevant emissions from upstream and downstream value-creation processes were determined for the first time in 2022, and appropriate measures and objectives were defined. These measures are expected to have a clear impact on greenhouse gas performance from 2025.

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