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Publisher and point of contact

Swiss Post Ltd

Wankdorfallee 4

P.O. Box

3030 Berne


Tel. + 41 58 338 11 11

Media relations + 41 58 338 13 07

Concept and project management

Corinne Santschi, Swiss Post Communication, Berne

Dr Andreas Sturm, Sturm Consulting, Riehen


Swiss Post Finance, Berne

Sandra Schindler, Mareike Fischer, Tobias Habegger, Markus Tschannen, Klarkom AG, Berne


Swiss Post Finance, Berne

Dr Andreas Sturm, Sturm Consulting, Riehen

Diagrams based on Prof. Rolf Hichert's design rules


Marc Wetli, Zurich and various sources

Design and typesetting

Walter Stähli and Franck Schirmer, phorbis Communications AG, Basel

Proofreading and translations

Swiss Post Language Services, Berne


Ast & Fischer AG, Wabern

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