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Our digitally networked world is becoming more complex and fast-paced. Our information gathering, consumption and dealings with each other are simultaneous and continuous. Time is becoming an increasingly important commodity. In this context, we are reappraising the benefits of our services for customers: they want to use their limited time efficiently, and they expect products and services to work simply and consistently.

Demanding simplicity is easy – whereas providing simplicity is not! Genuine simplicity requires customer-focused thinking and intelligent methods, which means that we need to identify new customer requirements quickly, and to focus the development of our services on those requirements. There are three main questions to be addressed: do we create added value for customers? Is the service easy to understand? Is the service intuitive to use?

With our new vision, “Simple yet systematic – Swiss Post.”, we are setting out a clear ambition for all units – to combine the physical and digital worlds for the benefit of our customers. We intend to develop additional integrated solutions based on our existing services. To give some examples: during elections and votes, the cantons and municipalities send out their information through Swiss Post. Thanks to postal voting, Swiss Post has helped to make voting easier and more convenient. Now, Swiss Post is developing a secure application for electronic voting and making it available to the cantons as an additional option. Or take the eHealth sector, where our services make an important contribution to creating a more efficient healthcare system.

Swiss Post again achieved a good result in 2015, while also fulfilling its obligation to provide a high-quality universal service. We intend to continue developing the universal service in the future, from our own funds and without government subsidies. To do that, we need the entrepreneurial freedom to operate profitably, so that we in turn can invest a portion of our revenue in infrastructure and the quality of our services. And we also depend on a policy framework that allows us to continue to provide a modern public service for a modern Switzerland into the future.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and Group Executive Management, we would like to sincerely thank the management and staff of Swiss Post for the good result. We very much appreciate the commitment of our employees and look forward to counting on their valuable expertise and enthusiasm for Swiss Post, including in the realization of our vision. We would also like to thank our customers for their business, and look forward to continuing to satisfy them with our accustomed levels of quality and to surprising them with new services.


Unterschrift Peter Hasler, Unterschrift Susanne Ruoff
Peter Hasler Susanne Ruoff
Chairman of the
Board of Directors

Our customers expect our services to work simply and consistently.

Peter Hasler,

Chairman of the Board of Directors