Business activities

Communication market: Letters, newspapers, small goods, promotional mailings and document solutions in Switzerland and internationally

Logistics market: Parcels, express services and e-commerce and logistics solutions within Switzerland and abroad

Financial services market: Payments, savings, investments, retirement planning and financing in Switzerland as well as international payment transactions

Passenger transport market: Regional, municipal and urban transport, system services and mobility solutions in Switzerland and in selected countries abroad

Our performance in 2015

Key figures   2015 Strategic goal
Operating income CHF million 8,224
Operating profit 1 CHF million 823 700 – 900
Group profit 1 CHF million 645
Equity CHF million 4,385
Degree of internal financing – investments Percent 100 > 100
Addressed letters In millions 2,171.6
Parcels In millions 115.2
Avg. PostFinance customer assets CHF billion 114.9
PostBus passengers (Switzerland) In millions 145.0
Customer satisfaction Index (scale of 0–100) 80 ≥ 78
Headcount Full-time equivalents 44,131
Employee commitment Index (scale of 0–100) 82 > 80
CO2 efficiency improvement since 2010 Percent 13 10 2
1 Normalized figures.
2 Target for 2016.

Markets and segments

Communication market

PostMail offers business customers high-quality products and tailored solutions for letters, newspapers, small goods and promotional mailings, from acceptance right through to delivery. This range is complemented by its digital services.

Key figures   2015
Operating income CHF million 2,820
Operating profit 1 CHF million 358
Addressed letters – business customers In millions 1,855
Unaddressed items In millions 1,957
Newspapers In millions 1,177
Headcount Full-time equivalents 16,494

Swiss Post Solutions is a leading provider of solutions for business process outsourcing and innovative services in document solutions.

Key figures   2015
Operating income CHF million 609
Operating profit 1 CHF million 15
Area of activity Number of countries 22
Headcount Full-time equivalents 7,177

Post Offices & Sales offers products, services and tailored advice to private customers and SMEs. It has 1,464 post offices, 735 postal agencies and 1,295 home delivery services throughout Switzerland.

Key figures   2015
Operating income CHF million 1,601
Operating profit 1 CHF million – 110
Letters – private customers In millions 317
Parcels – private customers 2 In millions 9
Inpayments In millions 174
Headcount Full-time equivalents 6,299

Logistics market

PostLogistics offers business customers both standardized and customized logistics solutions for sending parcels, express items and courier consignments, as well as goods transportation and warehousing logistics. In e-commerce, Swiss Post is the only provider with a complete portfolio of services.

Key figures   2015
Operating income CHF million 1,552
Operating profit 1 CHF million 145
Parcels – business customers 2 In millions 106
Express items In millions 2
Headcount Full-time equivalents 5,219

Financial services market

PostFinance is the ideal partner for anyone who manages their own finances. Whether in payments, investments, retirement planning or financing – PostFinance offers its customers simple, straightforward products with attractive conditions.

Key figures   2015
Operating income CHF million 2,143
Operating profit 1 CHF million 459
Customer accounts In millions 4.84
Inflow of new money CHF million – 2,766
Avg. PostFinance customer assets CHF billion 114.9
Headcount Full-time equivalents 3,594

Passenger transport market

PostBus is the market leader in public bus transport in Switzerland. With 2,238 vehicles, PostBus carries 145 million passengers per year. In regional passenger transport, the bus company is developing an increasingly strong presence in cities and conurbations alike.

Key figures   2015
Operating income CHF million 849
Operating profit 1 CHF million 29
Domestic passengers In millions 145
Domestic vehicle kilometres In millions of km 142
Vehicles Number 2,238
Headcount Full-time equivalents 2,939
1 Normalized figures.
2 115.2 million parcels were sent in total by business and private customers in 2015.