A good network increases innovative strength


Interview with Lorenz Wyss, Head of Innovation Management

Why does Swiss Post have to be innovative?

Because the world is constantly changing, and our customers’ requirements and demands are evolving. That means that we also have to keep moving, and that we have to work today on the postal services of tomorrow and beyond.

Why does Swiss Post need partners to do that?

Because a good network improves and accelerates the innovation process. It provides us with exactly the skills and resources that are lacking in-house.

Aren’t all these innovation projects with external partners expensive?

It’s almost always more efficient to work with the right partners than to develop the relevant skills in-house, starting from scratch in every project. But by far the most expensive thing to do would be not to undertake innovation projects. At present, Swiss Post is a successful, profitable company owned by the Confederation. We want to keep it that way in the future.