Building on proven strengths and focusing on new priorities

The Group strategy sets out what Swiss Post will do over the coming years. How it goes about this is also a key success factor: how do Swiss Post employees set about tackling things? How do they behave? How do they interact? This is where the new culture comes into play.

Reliability and process orientation, experience and safety, collective responsibility and humanity: these values have shaped Swiss Post’s culture in recent times. “To make certain that Swiss Post remains on course for success in future, new priorities must be set,” says Valérie Schelker, Head of HR. “Corporate culture plays a vital role in implementing the ‘Swiss Post of tomorrow’ strategy in the real world.”

Customer-centric solutions

“We approach customer centricity with emotion, courage and reason, and we’re a trustworthy and highly committed cooperation partner – no matter how big or small the job,” explains Valérie Schelker, summing up the essence of the culture. Swiss Post seeks to promote resilience, initiative, openness and stronger collaboration across the entire organization. “This also means that we – as leaders and employees – dare to question our approach, contribute our own ideas, try things out and change processes.”

With a view to evolving the corporate culture, workshops were held with participants from all units and levels to discuss and analyse values and behaviour. The Culture Community network within Swiss Post aims to help the company to break away from outdated models and to inspire and accelerate the transformation.

Our three values encapsulate our culture.

Customer-centric – with emotion, courage and reason

We create new opportunities for people and companies in Switzerland with innovative, modern and relevant services. We consistently design solutions from our customers’ perspective. Our actions are shaped by entrepreneurship, courage and empathy.

Trustworthy – by people and for people

We fulfil what is expected of us professionally and are a reliable partner. Our collaboration with third parties is efficient and cooperative, and our approach is appreciative and respectful. In this way, we create scope for new opportunities within and outside Swiss Post.

Committed – from small to large scale

We act responsibly and with foresight for society, companies, the environment and people. We make life easier for our customers. Our joined-up and autonomous thinking and actions are the foundations for the holistic evolution of Swiss Post.