Call the mail carrier at the push of a button

Send a parcel or pay bills: customers in areas that offer home delivery can do these things on their doorstep. They can now also order the services digitally, online or with the order pen on a tip card – and without any need for an Internet connection.

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Géraldine wants to send her niece some homemade biscuits for her birthday. She picks up the Swiss Post order pen and holds it on the “Send letters and parcels” icon on her tip card. This sends a notification to the mail carrier. The next day, Géraldine hands him the parcel on her doorstep – and her niece receives the present in time for her party.

Géraldine lives in the village of Belmont-sur-Yverdon in the Canton of Vaud, one of the areas where Swiss Post’s home delivery service is available because there are no branches or branches with partners in the immediate vicinity. The service allows customers to send letters and parcels, order stamps, withdraw cash or pay bills from their home. Swiss Post has now digitized the home delivery service, allowing the services to be requested with the online solution (via smartphone, tablet or PC) or with the order pen. The online solution enables customers to use many other solutions in addition to the home delivery service. Géraldine, who has no Internet connection, is one of those who benefits, because the pen operates via Swisscom’s LoRaWAN low-frequency wireless network. As of autumn 2020, the digital home delivery service is being introduced in stages in all municipalities with the home delivery service.

Swiss households now carry out their postal transactions conveniently from home with the home delivery service.