Climate and energy 

Swiss Post takes action for a sustainable future

Swiss Post acts responsibly for society, the environment and the economy. For this reason, it is resolutely pursuing the goal of reaching net zero emissions throughout the entire company by 2040. Its main focus is on reduction measures.

As one of Switzerland’s leading transport and logistics companies, Swiss Post has special leverage when it comes to protecting the environment by reducing CO2 emissions and increasing energy efficiency. That’s why Swiss Post is following an ambitious climate and energy target: from 2025, Swiss Post will deliver letters and parcels CO2-free in the urban centers of Zurich, Bern, Basel and Geneva. It aims to be completely carbon neutral in its in-house operations from 2030. This includes switching to alternative drive systems, acquiring 100 percent of its electricity from renewable sources and phasing out fossil fuel heating. From 2040, the entire value chain and therefore the entire company will generate net zero emissions, ensuring that Swiss Post achieves its ambitious net zero target. From 2030, Swiss Post will neutralize any residual emissions that cannot be prevented. This means that, in addition to its carbon reduction activities, Swiss Post will actively remove CO2 from the atmosphere. Swiss Post’s climate target is based on the highest ambition set by the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) and was reviewed and validated this year – an important sign that the various activities are being implemented systematically.

Exemplary in sustainability

“Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time. It’s our responsibility to act now,” says Christian Plüss, Head of Mobility Services and Executive Management Delegate for Sustainability, summing up Swiss Post’s motivation for its climate and energy target. “We are currently implementing various measures that enable us to reduce our CO2 emissions efficiently. We have made significant investment in this. ”One such investment is in the infrastructure required for sustainable sorting and delivery of letters and parcels, including energy-efficient processing centers with large photovoltaic systems on their roofs and climate-friendly vehicle fleets. In addition to the 6900 or so electric scooters for letter and parcel delivery, a growing number of electrically powered delivery vans are on the roads. Thanks to its electric vehicles alone, Swiss Post prevents around 9700 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

Even the PostBus routes are gradually being converted to electromobility: by 2040 at the latest, the entire fleet of around 2,300 vehicles will be powered without fossil fuels.

“pro clima” shipping

All letters and parcels transported by Swiss Post are fully carbon offset through “pro clima” shipping. The carbon is offset by support for climate protection projects of the highest quality in Switzerland and abroad.

From 2025, Swiss Post will deliver letters and parcels with electric vehicles in urban centers.
From 2030, Swiss Post’s in-house operations will be carbon neutral.
From 2040, Swiss Post and its value chain will reach net zero.
Swiss Post’s climate target is validated by the Science Based Targets initiative.

Three times more solar power from in-house systems

On roofs, façades and unused transport spaces: Swiss Post uses suitable areas on and next to its own properties to expand its photovoltaic systems. The 34 existing systems currently produce more than 11 Megawatts peak (MWp), and this will rise to 30 MWp following expansion. This solar energy could supply 6,666 households with electricity for one year. In the next few years, Swiss Post will invest around 40 million francs in the expansion of its photovoltaic systems, supporting the electrification of its vehicle fleet and helping it to become more independent in its energy supply. Swiss Post’s third largest solar power generator is currently being installed on the roof of the storage logistics center in Villmergen, covering an area of 7,540 m2.