Swiss Post offers solutions for modern, sustainable mobility on the roads. It connects the whole of Switzerland, and its public service is the backbone of the economy and society.

Christian Plüss, Head of Mobility Services

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The future of the Postbus is electric

In Graubünden, 11 electric Postbuses are now providing climate-friendly services. This shows that the technology is even suited to mountain regions – and that the quiet, comfortable buses have been a hit with passengers and drivers. The fleet of around 2,300 Postbuses will be converted systematically to electric drives: by the end of 2024, the first 100 Postbuses will be powered by electricity. By 2030, the figure will be 900. From 2028, PostBus aims to procure only fossil fuel-free buses.

Business processes are becoming more digital

To ensure that its daily business processes are handled efficiently, Post Company Cars uses Yarowa, a digital platform for service provider and order management. Thanks to Yarowa, the fleet manager has been able to digitize its fleet management and claims processing, create end-to-end processes, reduce coordination workload, save on costs and become more sustainable to boot − a benefit for its business customers.

Pooling expertise for electrification

To ensure that Swiss Post reaches its goals of carbon neutrality in its own operations from 2030 and net zero by the end of 2040, its fleet of buses, delivery vans and trucks needs to be CO2-free by those dates. Swiss Post is establishing the Electromobility Competence Center in order to make rapid progress. Its key focuses are energy management, charging infrastructure and charging networks, as well as development of partnerships and e-mobility solutions for third parties.


Charging e-vehicles everywhere

Staff members can use the Post E-Mobility App or their Post Company Cars charging card to charge their electric vehicles quickly and easily at charging stations at Swiss Post locations and more than 7,000 charging points in Switzerland and Europe. The electricity usage is recorded in detail and billed.

Full service for Swiss SMEs

Whether for small or large fleets: many Swiss SMEs rely on Swiss Post’s all-inclusive service and modular solutions. A new electric fleet was recently handed over to insurance company ÖKK Kranken- und Unfallversicherungen AG. The vehicle fleet at laboratory medicine specialist Dr. Risch Group is now also managed by Swiss Post. Post Company Cars is Swiss Post’s fleet service provider, offering financing, operations, maintenance, insurance policies, fuel/charging solutions and breakdown assistance.

Charging buses via SBB’s power network

The power required to start a typical Swiss train composition could provide rapid charge for the batteries used in 20 electric buses, without any extra burden on the public electricity grid. So could the rail power network also be used for road-based public transport? That’s what PostBus and SBB are hoping to find out: from 2025, electric buses will be charged with rail power using a test facility at Gelterkinden railway station.


On-demand bus from station to workplace

As part of a pilot project, an on-demand bus system for Swiss Post employees is replacing the scheduled staff bus between Bern railway station and the Engehalde location. The shuttle runs on electricity and can be booked flexibly via the PubliCar App. Swiss Post is using its experience from the test to develop additional on-demand solutions.