Swiss Post connects Switzerland, and connects Switzerland to the world. It is expanding its core competencies and range of services in order to establish itself as a comprehensive logistics partner for the goods flows of the future.

Johannes Cramer, Head of Logistics Services

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Strengthening the logistics network

Swiss Post makes targeted investments in the domestic market and neighbouring countries in order to connect its national logistics with international goods flows. In 2023, it acquired a number of companies in the logistics sector in Switzerland, including those with sites near the border.


Investment in parcel processing

In 2023, Swiss Post brought three new regional centers (RPCs) into operation: the Pratteln RPC (Canton of Basel-Landschaft) processed up to 10,000 parcels per hour for the greater Basel area, while the Wallisellen RPC is easing the strain on sorting centers in the Zurich metropolitan area. In the Härkingen letter center, Swiss Post has integrated a pure parcel sorting plant into an existing letter center, introducing a new IT system for sorting.


Planning parcel delivery more efficiently

Delivery staff are now guided from stop to stop by an app. In order to further optimize the order of mail carrier rounds in parcel delivery, the rounds are systematically planned based on the best possible route on each individual day. The parcels are delivered reliably − only the timing may vary. This principle enables Swiss Post to give its private customers more precise information about planned delivery times for their parcels.


40 million parcels delivered via electric drive

In Zurich, Bern and Geneva, Swiss Post delivers all letters and parcels with its own electric vehicles, free from CO2 emissions. In total, mail carriers transport around 40 million parcels a year throughout Switzerland using electric vehicles.


Transporting more parcels by rail

Thanks to new train connections, Swiss Post now transports an additional 9 million parcels by rail, saving a total of 900,000 kilometres of truck transportation and around 680 tonnes of CO2 per year.


Unburdening the healthcare sector with innovative solutions

As a logistics partner, Swiss Post eases the strain on staff at service providers such as hospitals, clinics and outpatient departments: from handling individual tasks, including procurement and legally compliant transport, to providing certified storage of medicines and preparing medicinal products in sterile conditions.

Transparency in customer communication

Is Swiss Post allowed to collect and reuse its customers’ data? Users can decide this for themselves in Swiss Post’s Preference Center. With a click of the mouse, they can easily state their interests to receive personalized recommendations and subscribe to or unsubscribe from newsletters and similar communications.


Frank letters and parcels via the Post-App

No stamp at hand? No problem! DigitalStamp enables customers to frank letters and parcels and create parcel labels with ease via the Post-App. Payment is made by TWINT or credit card. The pick@home service is also integrated: Swiss Post will collect pre-franked parcels, such as returns.