Swiss Post is transferring its expertise in information transport and secure handling of sensitive data into the digital world: with simple and secure digital services for people, companies, public authorities and the healthcare sector.

Nicole Burth, Head of Communication Services

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Receive cantonal mail digitally

Bern’s cantonal administration sends around 22 million pages of physical documents by post each year. Since 2023, the Canton of Bern and Swiss Post have also been providing the population of Bern with a simple and secure digital letter box via the “BE-ePost” service. This enables Bern residents to receive their tax instalment invoices digitally in the app if preferred and to pay right away.

Closer to customers

The Lausanne-based company SpotMe, which has 120 employees, specializes in digital platforms for secure and confidential communication between companies and their customers. The technology is used to hold in-person, hybrid and virtual events, but can be used to exchange confidential information wherever high security standards are required.

Login solution proves its worth

As of 2023, Swiss Post is concentrating on a single secure, future-proof and economically beneficial login solution: at present, more than four million customers log in easily and securely with SwissID to use the online services offered by Swiss Post and a wide range of other companies and public authorities. However, SwissID is not just the secure login and certified digital Swiss identity for online applications that require proof of identity: SwissID is also a digital identity and electronic signature in one.

Electronic voting and elections

As of 2023, electronic voting is available once again in Switzerland − thanks to Swiss Post’s e-voting system. A fully verifiable system was used for the first time in the 2023 federal elections. Electronic voting is particularly popular among Swiss citizens living abroad, known as the “Fifth Switzerland”: around 60 percent of Swiss expatriates who voted used the e-voting option. In 2023, the system was put through its paces once more. 2,650 hackers searched for vulnerabilities during a public intrusion test. Despite attempting around 55,000 attacks, nobody succeeded in infiltrating the e-voting system or the electronic ballot box.

Convenient digital sign-up

Want to open an electronic patient record (EPR) from home without using any paper? It’s now possible to do so without having to make a trip to an EPR opening point. All you need is a smartphone, an e-mail account, a biometric passport or an identity card – and your login details for SwissID. The service developed by Swiss Post is now available free of charge to the resident populations in several cantons.

Better protection against cybercrime

By acquiring terreActive Ltd and its team of 90 employees, Swiss Post is continuing to strengthen its IT competencies in digital security. Along with terreActive and Hacknowledge, the Western Switzerland-based firm acquired in 2022, Swiss Post is able to provide companies and authorities with a comprehensive range of cybersecurity solutions and protect digital, confidential information and data even more effectively.