With myriad access points being added all the time, Swiss Post is the service network for a modern Switzerland. At its self-operated branches, it enables partners to provide trustworthy, personal support and advice to their customers.

Thomas Baur, Head of PostalNetwork

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Virtual counter: partnership with the Canton of Jura

In its 17 branches in the Canton of Jura, Swiss Post helps the public to register for the canton’s virtual counter and to use the 100 or so online services operated by the cantonal administration. Trained Swiss Post employees assist customers with accessing their digital tax declarations or certificates of origin, applying for fishing permits and booking their driving tests.

Welcome to the digital village shop

Innovative concepts and a partnership with Swiss Post are saving village shops from closure. In Surselva in the Canton of Graubünden, for example, two shops are embracing digitization. Both shops are now open around the clock. Anyone who wants to go shopping in these stores must complete a one-off registration. As customers do their shopping, they scan the products themselves and pay at the checkout via bank card, PostFinance Card, TWINT or invoice. Staff are present in the mornings, so that customers can also carry out postal transactions during this time. The wide range of postal services combined with long opening hours has already proved a recipe for success at more than 1,250 locations throughout Switzerland.

Accessing insurance and banking services at the post office

AXA Switzerland offers insurance services in 72 Swiss Post branches in the cantons of Bern, Solothurn and Basel-Landschaft. For Swiss Post, this collaboration is another important step towards opening the branch network to service providers and public authorities. Based on its initial experiences, Migros Bank has also affirmed and strengthened its partnership with Swiss Post. Existing partnerships will be continually expanded.

A new look for staff at Swiss Post counters

Clothing for staff in Swiss Post’s branches is being redesigned for the first time in 20 years. The new collection allows for individuality and conveys a consistent image for Swiss Post. Staff members are actively involved in the development, testing comfort, functionality and care. Sustainable production and durable quality are important to Swiss Post. The clothing will be manufactured in Europe and is expected to be worn by staff in the branches from 2025.

Opportunities for people with disabilities

As part of a pilot project, PostalNetwork is offering people with disabilities the opportunity to participate in the general labour market at 13 branches and one Contact Center location. The test phase was a success. As a result, a total of 50 people with disabilities will be offered permanent employment at PostalNetwork by the end of 2024. market

My Post 24: sending and collecting mail at terminals

Send and receive letters and parcels around the clock, even when Swiss Post branches are closed: My Post 24 terminals have been a fixture for over 10 years, and there are now more than 270 of these popular network access options. And the new generation of terminals is even more practical: they can be used via the Post-App on your smartphone.