Silicon Valley study trip

Inspiration for the digital future

Since 2015, Swiss Post has been sending employees on study trips to Silicon Valley in California, the undisputed center of the international digital economy. One such employee was Sarah Nünlist, who went there in autumn 2015.

For her, the focus was on social media topics. How do large companies deal with delegating the power of communication to their employees through social media? How do they mobilize them as ambassadors? In California, Sarah Nünlist sought out tools, processes and cases from which Swiss Post can learn, or that can be adapted. “I was impressed by how much stuff that's still in its infancy here is already routine over there: the Internet of things, 3D printing, self-driving cars, big data – these are areas that will be of great importance for Swiss Post in the next few years,” she says. “One thing is clear: we have to keep moving. Otherwise the world will move on without us.”