Shopping in town

Miriam loves to go shopping in town. But she seldom carries cash. Thanks to e-cockpit, she always has her finances under control.


Last week, Miriam found a sample in her letter box, in the form of two small jars of a new natural cosmetics line. She's very enthusiastic about the products and definitely wants to take advantage of the current promotion at the chemist's.


To get into town, Miriam likes to take the Postbus. At the bus stop, she sees that there's an event on and there's a Postbus every fifteen minutes today. Thanks to the electronic timetable display, the timetable is always bang up to date.


Miriam goes to the checkout, holds her PostFinance Card up to the payment terminal for a moment, and that's it, she's already paid. Thanks to the contactless function, the card never has to leave her hands. For amounts below 40 francs, she doesn't even need a PIN.


Miriam is mad about shopping. So it's good that thanks to e-cockpit, she always has her finances fully under control.

“Luckily queuing at the checkout will soon be a thing of the past! With the new PostFinance Card contactless function, it only takes seconds to pay.”

private customer