When initial scepticism gives way to enthusiasm

Where am I working today? With which tools and resources? The new working environment calls for a good deal of personal responsibility. This was a cause for concern in some quarters. But after their initial experience at the new headquarters, Work Smart received a positive response from the vast majority of employees.

“I switch places every day”

Nadja Lüthi, specialist at HR Consulting, PostMail: I usually come in early and I have a free choice, so I pick out a different workplace every morning. I like to switch perspectives, see other people. I'm a huge fan of the new working environment. With its perfectly coordinated, networked tools for telecommunications and data transmission and with the PostConnect platform, Swiss Post has proven its digital competence – an absolute plus for us in HR and Human Resources Marketing. In job interviews, we realize that working on the move, not being tied to fixed office hours, exactly matches the requirements of digital natives, who value meaningful work above all else.

“My office fits into a suitcase”

Yves-André Jeandupeux, Head of Human Resources: One of our principles of cooperation is flexibility, and with the move to EspacePost, I said goodbye to paper. I can now fit my office into a suitcase. When I don't have any meetings, I look for a workplace like everyone else.

For me, EspacePost symbolizes openness and flexibility in our thinking and actions: we are evolving from an environment that tended to be more hierarchical towards a corporate culture in which contacts between the relevant people in the various businesses are more direct, so that information flows faster.

“Best define the rules of the game for team and management”

Demetrius Rinderknecht, Head of Marketing & Sales Services, PostLogistics: Although in theory anyone can sit anywhere, it's often the case that teams find themselves returning to certain zones. That makes sense in my team too, as we often work in different locations, some on a part-time basis.

In our unit, we realized how important it is to get to grips with Work Smart, and some teams have conducted workshops on this issue: what new responsibilities do I have? When can I be reached? How do I make the best use of new tools? We discussed questions like these openly and defined our own rules. This has done a great deal to dispel doubts and fears. I find the direction of the cultural change very positive, and believe it would be a good idea to spread the approach to other areas of Swiss Post.

In job interviews, we realize that working on the move exactly matches the requirements of digital natives.

Nadja Lüthi,

Specialist at HR Consulting, PostMail