Using textiles sustainably

A second lease of life for Swiss Post clothes

T-shirts, jackets, skirts or trousers: old, clean Swiss Post clothes and shoes can be handed over to employees at PostMail, PostalNetwork, PostLogistics or PostBus, giving them a “second lease of life” as part of the circular economy.

In conjunction with the Swiss Red Cross in the Bern-Mittelland district, Swiss Post recycles some 15 tonnes of used work clothes every year. The clothes are sorted according to their condition. To protect trademarks, the Swiss Post label is removed. Nearly new items are sold in “la trouvaille”, a network of second-hand stores. Clothes with small defects are donated to organizations such as Swiss Mountain Aid via Tell-Tex. Mountain farming families receive them free of charge.

In cooperation with SBB and Armasuisse, Swiss Post is also currently launching a trial with clothing made of biodegradable material. Instead of ending up in the bin, blouses and shirts are turned into humus in just a few months.