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    Payments, savings, investments, retirement planning, financing

    PostFinance is one of Switzerland’s leading retail financial institutions and, as the market leader in payment transactions, ensures a seamless daily flow of liquidity. With simple, straightforward services, it is the ideal partner for anyone who manages their own finances, anytime and anywhere. Thanks to its strong brand, it is seen as an attractive provider of financial services. This also benefits its customers, because a strong brand inspires confidence and provides focus and security.

    Operating income

    CHF million


    Operating profit

    CHF million


    Customer accounts

    In thousands


    Development of customer deposits

    CHF million


    Average customer assets

    CHF billion



    Full-time equivalents


  • PostFinance result

    PostFinance’s operating result fell from 549 million francs in the previous year to 220 million francs. Operating income was down 372 million francs to 1,704 million francs. This is mainly due to non-­recurring one-off capital gains of 109 million fr...


  • No one is too small to be an investor

    Anyone looking to save money over the medium and long term is well served by the funds on offer from PostFinance. They allow private individuals to become investors, even with relatively small amounts of money and without a great deal of risk. There ...


  • Invest with a clear conscience

    Fairtrade, environmental protection, social responsibility: as consumers, more and more people are prioritizing these criteria and wanting to invest their money in sustainable options. There are two ways to do this: you can either buy shares in compa...


  • PostFinance lays the foundation for the digital future

    After adapting more than 60 applications and hundreds of interfaces, simulating tens of thousands of test cases over many months and rehearsing the go-live around the clock several times, the moment of truth finally arrived at Easter 2018 – PostFinan...


  • Simple and efficient electricity billing

    PostFinance is following the development of blockchain technology with great interest. In 2018, together with Energie Wasser Bern (ewb), it laun­ched the blockchain-based pilot project “B4U” for simple and efficient electricity billing.


  • PostFinance covers financial damages

    Many PostFinance customers still carry out their banking transactions non-digitally. PostFinance wants to reduce the share of these customers and support them in their transition from the analogue to the digital world. The goal is “digital banking – ...