Increasing efficiency

Insurance, retirement planning and assets: these are the core business of any insurance provider. As CEO of his company, Olivier Jobin wants simple and reliable processes – and to have his finances always under control.


Answer, assign, distribute and track enquiries and damage reports: Swiss Post ensures efficient document management. The customer chooses which documents to receive physically and which to receive digitally – and also which documents to archive.


Customers choose whether they want to communicate with their insurance company digitally or physically. The company therefore relies on E-Post Business: the insurance company sends out bulk mailings exclusively in electronic form. Swiss Post delivers the mail in encrypted electronic format or on paper, as specified by the recipient.


The staff at the insurance company create their letters and invoices as usual on the computer at their desk. With just a click, they can leave the printing, envelope filling, franking and sending to Swiss Post. This is made possible by E-Post Print & Send.


With working capital management, Swiss Post helps the company to improve its liquidity. If required, Swiss Post can also take care of accounts payable and receivable management.

“Swiss Post guarantees intelligent solutions and data security.”

Olivier Jobin,
business customer