Flexible shuttle services

“Kollibri” is a new kind of mobility ex­perience

PostBus is testing an innovative mobility service which lies somewhere between private and public transport. It is aimed at people who commute – but also at people who have hardly ever used public transport.

PostBus is running a one-year pilot project to test the “Kollibri” mobility service in the Brugg region. As of October 2018, the company provides minibuses that can be reserved for individual door-to-door journeys by customers within a certain perimeter. Booking and payment are easily taken care of with a smartphone app. The unusual feature is that other passengers can get on and off during the journey, turning the minibus into a kind of shared taxi. This bundling of journeys is a central element of Kollibri.

PostBus is conducting this test – which is unique in Switzerland – in conjunction with SBB and AMAG. Local taxi companies were also involved in the project. Flexible shuttle services like Kollibri lie somewhere between private and public transport. PostBus and its partners predict that these forms of mobility will increasingly converge. Flexible shuttle services are ideal in areas where public transport networks are not well developed. The aim is to attract commuters and people who still rarely use public transport services.