Renewable energy


of solar power are fed into the grid by Swiss Post’s photovoltaic systems every year.

Environmentally and economically sustainable

Swiss Post is steadily increasing the share of renewable energy it consumes. It covers 100 percent of its electricity needs from local “naturemade basic”-certified sources. Of this, 10 percent is “naturemade star”-certified green electricity, which helps power the 6,000 electric scooters and other electric vehicles used for deliveries. Swiss Post is currently testing the use of used scooter batteries as energy storage units for electricity from photovoltaic systems.

Using solar power

In 2018, the eleven Swiss Post photovoltaic systems in place at letter and parcel centers fed around 6 gigawatt hours of solar power into the grid. Three more systems on Swiss Post buildings, which produce electricity for in-house consumption, generated around 1.5 gigawatt hours of electricity. Further systems with a high share of in-house consumption are planned: most of the energy generated is used directly on-site.

Replacing fossil fuels

In addition to using and producing renewable energy at its properties, Swiss Post focuses in particular on energy-efficient refurbishments and replaces fossil fuel heaters exclusively with heating systems that are run using renewable energy sources – such as heat pumps or pellet heating systems. Swiss Post is also connected to the municipal thermal energy network and uses waste heat from its data centers. For gas heating, Swiss Post procures 10 percent of its total gas consumption as biogas.