RoboPen: the handwriting robot

As if written by magic

Invitations to a company anniversary, thank-you cards for customer loyalty, envelopes or parcel inserts, all inscribed by machine but designed to look as if they had been written by hand – with RoboPen, Swiss Post’s handwriting robot, it works like magic. The visible pressure of pen on paper and slight variations in the letters ensure an authentic script. A wide range of handwriting styles is available. On request, Swiss Post can also digitize your own handwriting. Where is the benefit for customers? “A handwritten letter or a personally written card touches the recipient emotionally,” says product manager Jörg P. Maier, “even though the person reading it quickly realizes from the context that the mailing was created by a machine.” Compared to ordinary print and online mailings, the response rate is up to ten times higher. Because of the elaborate production and the elegance of the handwriting, the impression of high quality persists.