In-car Delivery

When the shopping is already waiting in the car

Whether it’s mineral water, bread or nappies: in cooperation with Swiss Post, delivers your shopping directly to your parked Volvo. “In-car Delivery” makes online shopping even easier and more convenient. This delivery option is currently available in Zurich, Berne, Geneva and Lausanne.

Volvo “In-car Delivery” works with a digital key which provides temporary access to the vehicle. Users register for “In-car-Delivery”, order their goods at and then select their Volvo as the delivery location. The parcel carrier locates the car by geolocation, opens the boot with the digital key and places the goods in it. The customer then receives a notification, which means that they do not have to be present at a specific delivery location or time. The shopping is simply waiting in the car – with no carrying or extra trips required.