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    PostFinance is one of Switzerland’s leading retail financial institutions and, as the market leader in payment transactions, ensures a seamless daily flow of liquidity. With simple, straightforward services, it is the ideal partner for anyone who manages their own finances, anytime and anywhere. Thanks to its strong brand, it is seen as an attractive provider of financial services, and this also benefits its customers, because a strong brand inspires confidence and provides focus and security.

    Operating income

    CHF million


    Operating profit

    CHF million


    Customer accounts 

    in thousands


    Development of customer deposits

    CHF million


    Avg. customer assets

    CHF billion



    in full-time equivalents


  • PostFinance result

    In the financial year 2017, PostFinance recorded an operating profit of 549 million francs, representing an increase of 7 million francs year-on-year. This slightly improved result is due firstly to capital gains from the sale o...


  • Our traditional business model is under threat

    Kurt Fuchs, Head of Finance and Deputy CEO of PostFinance, explains why PostFinance in particular is suffering from the negative interest rate environment and what the financial institution is doing about it.


  • More than 600,000 people use TWINT

    At the end of 2017, the payment app TWINT broke the 600,000 user mark. That’s the number of people now using the app to make payments at store checkouts or in online shops, transfer or receive money in real time and benefit from...


  • The customized discount

    Most people like discounts. But 90 percent of the vouchers piled up on kitchen tables have little to do with people’s personal preferences. PostFinance Benefit, on the other hand, gives customers discounts that are suited to the...


  • Individually tailored WCM solutions

    For companies to survive, a healthy level of liquidity is essential. With PostFinance’s Supply Chain Finance services, companies can ensure that they have sufficient liquidity for their running costs and enough money to invest ...