We make everyday mobility easier for city dwellers, commuters and tourists.Bruno RohnerCEO of PubliBike


bicycles and e-bikes are available for hire in Berne.


The bike stations are open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Rental bikes for commuters, impulse cyclists and tourists

Want to rent a bike in just a few taps on your phone? Well, you can! Thanks to PubliBike, a subsidiary of PostBus, bike sharing will in future ­offer a good alternative to motorized private transport in Berne and Zurich.

A small group of tourists is visiting Berne. The four Germans have left their car at the park & ride because they’re eager to make use of the brand new public bike rental system. A mobile app guides the group to the nearest rental station. They use the app to unlock the e-bike smart locks. Later, they return the bikes to one of the 200 rental stations scattered around the city.

PubliBike makes everyday life easier

Since 2009, PubliBike, a wholly-owned PostBus subsidiary, has been offering a range of bike sharing networks as an integrated service throughout Switzerland. The company manages their operation and handles marketing and customer service. “We cater to the last mile of a public transport journey and make everyday mobility easier for people who live in the city, commuters and tourists,” says Bruno Rohner, CEO of PubliBike. PubliBike is expanding its presence in Berne in May 2018: when the entire fleet is up and running, it will consist of around 2,400 rental bikes at 200 stations, with 2,250 bikes at 150 stations in Zurich. At least half of the bicycles are e-bikes. Prices are attractive, and the bikes can also be rented and opened with the SwissPass.