Hiking is popular with families and is the number one sport among people in Switzerland.

Swiss Post’s commitment to hiking

Because hiking trails connect

Our employees are also pitching in: as volunteers maintaining the trails.Sandra GysiHead of Live Communication at Swiss Post

What could be better than exploring Switzerland on foot? Swiss Post is now the main partner of the Swiss Hiking Trail Federation. Swiss Post employees can volunteer for assignments to help maintain its trails.

Hiking is the number one sport among people in Switzerland. More than 65,000 kilometres of signposted hiking trails open up Switzerland and connect people across language barriers, mountains and valleys.

Swiss Post’s commitment as the main partner of the Swiss Hiking Trail Federation allows it to support the implementation of projects that help to encourage hiking as a sport. For families in particular, but also for other target groups, there is a wide range of hiking tips, campaign ideas and hiking events. Swiss Post offers its employees the opportunity to use work assignments to get personally and actively involved in the upkeep of the hiking trails: ideal for anyone who wants to spend a day doing something completely different in the great outdoors. The volunteers carry out simple maintenance work on hiking trails in safe open country, repairing steps or footbridges, restoring drains or reinforcing sections of trail with gravel. They are given professional guidance and supervision by specialists. This work enables employees to make a valuable contribution to maintaining a safe and well maintained network of hiking trails.