Dialogue marketing

Mode Bayard springs a surprise with chocolate bunny mail

Shortly before Easter, the Bayard fashion group sent a sweet surprise to the homes of its loyal customers. The original 3D mailing sparked enthusiasm – and an enormous response.

As a basic principle, the fashion group Bayard focuses on well-known quality brands and a timeless style. But that doesn’t mean that they’re afraid to explore new avenues, coming up with spontaneous ideas such as sending a chocolate surprise before Easter. However, time was pretty tight, and for the campaign to materialize, Bayard needed a partner who could act quickly. The choice came down to Swiss Post, because the dialogue marketing specialists were able to offer the fashion house an all-round service – an enormous advantage given the time constraints. Swiss Post handled everything, from consultation to concept, from design, printing and coordination with the confectioner, and from address management to mailing.

A mailing that made people happy

In April 2017, Bayard’s customers were delighted to receive a delicious chocolate bunny or a premium bar of chocolate, delivered punctually by Swiss Post. “It didn’t just make the recipients happy,” says Direct Marketing Consultant Ivo Feller, who oversaw the project from start to finish. The customer was also thrilled, because the feedback and the response to the mailing exceeded all expectations. “A sensational 32 percent of the 15 percent discount vouchers enclosed in the mailing were redeemed in the fashion stores,” says Feller. “That’s way above the benchmark. The Easter campaign is a really good example of how physical mail can resonate well with recipients and is therefore particularly well-suited for customer retention.”


What began in 1912 as a small general store owned by the Bayards in the town of Visp has grown tremendously. The family from Valais eventually specialized in fashion, gradually taking over various local clothes shops and small chains. Still family-run, the Mode Bayard group today operates 76 branches in Switzerland, along with a popular online shop.