• Employees


    nationalities ensure a diverse corporate culture at Swiss Post.


    employees, including 7,467 abroad, help to shape Swiss Post with their ideas.


    of junior and middle managers are women.

    Over 100

    professions can be practised at Swiss Post.


    jobs are on offer at Swiss Post in IT alone, making it one of the biggest employers in Switzerland in this sector.


    apprentices complete their vocational training at Swiss Post. That represents 6 percent of its headcount in Switzerland.

    From logistics and IT technicians to parcel carriers: 59,369 employees from 140 nations can pursue careers in over 100 professions at Swiss Post, and develop their skills with the company. HR currently offers a wide range of measures to enable employees to enhance their digital skills and help shape the transformation process. At the same time, the company’s own organization and the range of services it offers are being restructured.

  • “Looking out for employees and supporting units”

    Valérie Schelker has been Head of Human Resources at Swiss Post since April 2017. She works with her team to provide support to employees during the transformation process, and is restructuring Swiss Post’s HR.


  • Well trained and highly motivated

    Swiss Post fosters young talent and is one of the biggest training companies in Switzerland. In 2017, 734 apprentices successfully completed their basic vocational training and, in doing so, have made the leap into the working w...


  • Creating a common understanding

    To emphasize its importance and create a common understanding of compliance, Swiss Post has developed communication measures and trained its employees.


  • Mixed teams, well connected

    New lifestyles and work practices, changes in social values and changing requirements among customers, business partners and employees make managing diversity an important strategic factor for Swiss Post. The company wants to ha...