• Responsibility

    436,550 t

    of CO2 emissions were generated by Swiss Post in 2017.

    2,954 million

    is the number of times the “pro clima – Shipment” service was used for letters, parcels and other services.

    more than 19%

    is the CO2 efficiency improvement over 2010 achieved by Swiss Post by the end of 2017.


    of electricity requirements are covered with “naturemade basic”-certified renewable energy from Switzerland.


    parcels were shipped free of charge by Swiss Post as part of the 2 × Christmas campaign.

    around 45%

    of all Swiss Post vehicles use alternative drive technologies.

    Swiss Post develops new products and services in line with customer requirements for a resource-friendly and circular economy. It is committed to sustainable and responsible procurement and works within its corporate citizenship framework for the common good. Thanks to its energy-efficient fleet and promotion of renewable energies, it continuously reduces its greenhouse gas emissions.

  • We’re acting now for tomorrow

    Swiss Post continues to focus on climate protection and is expanding its social commitment. The 2017–2020 corporate responsibility strategy focuses on four areas of action: climate and energy, circular economy, responsible p...


  • More efficient by a quarter

    Despite some strong growth, Swiss Post reduced its energy consumption by a total of 7 percent (base year 2006). Energy efficiency was increased by 27 percent. This is confirmed by the latest calculations of “The Confederation: e...


  • Commitment award

    Trousers, jackets, blouses – each year, Swiss Post has around 200,000 items of clothing manufactured for its uniformed employees. As a member of the Fair Wear Foundation (FWF), Swiss Post has undertaken to comply with comprehens...


  • Solar electricity for the company’s own use

    With its eleven photovoltaic systems, Swiss Post fed around 6 gigawatt hours of solar electricity into the grid in 2017. By the beginning of 2020, it will bring 12 more systems on stream and use the electricity produced fo...


  • “Each cell counts”

    As part of its “pro clima – We’re acting now” sustainability programme, Swiss Post is participating as a partner in the energy education project “Each cell counts” (JZZ), run by the climate protection organization myblueplanet. ...


  • The right drive on their rounds

    A parcel carrier starts and stops the engine of his delivery van around 100 times a day. This means that the clutch, gearbox and starter have to be serviced and replaced regularly. With electric vehicles, it’s different: they ar...


  • Employee mobility increasingly sustainable

    Whether for business or private use – Swiss Post offers its employees a wide range of options for environmentally-friendly travel. This includes charging stations for electric vehicles at its major l...


  • Because hiking trails connect

    What could be better than exploring Switzerland on foot? Swiss Post is now the main partner of the Swiss Hiking Trail Federation. Swiss Post employees can volunteer for assignments to help maintain its trails.